Emeagwali ranked most searched-for scientist [#1 Black scientist, #2 since ancient Egypt, see 1, 2, 3, 4, 20-page scientific biography]. 100 Greatest Africans New African magazine

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  1. In His Own Words
  2. The Ways of Counting
  3. How I Invented the Internet Before the Internet
  4. Lyrics of the Rain Forests
  5. I Believe I Can Fly!!!
  6. Why Nigerians Are Not Returning Home
  7. Can Nigeria Leapfrog into the Information Age?
  8. It Was the Audacity of My Thinking
  9. A Black Mathematician Talks About Race
  10. My Message to Nigeria
  11. The Lost Ndi Igbo
  12. The Lost Black History
  13. The Holy Grail of Immortality
  14. How Do We Reverse the Brain Drain
  1. Why Africans Are Not Returning Home
  2. Capital Flight from Africa
  3. What I Think of Religious Fanatics
  4. Exodus From Africa
  5. Onderwijs in Afrika
  6. Educación en Africa
  7. A Fuga de Cérebros
  8. Intellectuals in Exile
  9. The Future of Africa
  10. Democracy in Nigeria
  11. What Can Technology do for Africa?
  12. A Brief History of the Future
  13. How I Used the Internet to Reinvent the Internet
  14. Refugee Scientists
  15. Genius of Our Time
  16. Superbrain of Africa
  17. Racism in Science
  18. Standing at the Intersection of Race & Technology
  19. A Journey into the Source of My Creativity
  20. A Whack on the Side of My Head
  21. Shaping a Future Nigeria
  22. Digital Divide
  23. Genie Out of the Bottle: How to Produce More Petroleum Faster
  24. Little Known Facts and Secrets About Emeagwali
  25. A Day in the Life of a Scientist
  26. Is It For Me? Frequently Asked Questions About Emeagwali
  27. Let My People Go!
  28. Are You the Father of the Internet?
  29. Como o senhor chegou à Máquina da Conexão.
  30. O Bill Gates Africano
  31. Africa: My Vision of the Future
  32. Our Children Will be Digital!

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  2. Nigerian Computer Whiz Lends Fame to Children
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Emeagwali Voted History's 35th Greatest African
In top 35: Mandela, Nkrumah, Pele, Bob Marley, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King.

Globalization Not New; Look at Slave Trade
Most reprinted speech on black history (photo essay and Word)

How Do We Reverse the Brain Drain?
Most reprinted (and translated) speech on brain drain (Bengali, French, German, photo essay and Word)

African History: Lost, Stolen or Strayed
Keynote speech at Arizona State University.

My Search for the Holy Grail of Immortality
Voted 20 Greatest Speeches by Speaker's Bureaus.

Emeagwali is the World's Top Scientist
Poll of 300 million search entries proves it.

Clinton Extols Emeagwali as a "Great Mind"
[Excerpt from his televised speech, as president]
"One of the great minds of the Information Age is a Nigerian American named Philip Emeagwali. He had to leave school because his parents couldn't pay the fees. He lived in a refugee camp during your civil war. He won a scholarship to university and went on to invent a formula that lets computers make 3.1 billion calculations per second. (Applause.) Some people call him the Bill Gates of Africa. (Laughter and applause.) [More from The White House]

A Father of the Internet
Emeagwali helped give birth to the supercomputer, the technology that spawned the Internet. CNN: "Emeagwali, a computer scientist, is one of the fathers of the Internet."

My Search for the Lost Igbo Tribe
Remarks at Igbo Cultural Day (Calgary, Canada).

After the Biafran War Was Over
Emeagwali's civil war memories.

Down Memory Lane
Select photos from Emeagwali's private album.

My Supercomputer Discovery
The journey of discovery, with transcripts in pdf and word formats.

A World Without Black People
The black Diaspora, with transcripts in pdf and word formats.

The Mis-Education of the African
Remarks on colonialism, language and religion, with transcripts in pdf and word formats.

Is Globalization Civilizing Africa?
The clash of Christianity and African religions, with transcripts in pdf and word formats.

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Selected engagements for 2004.

  • San Diego, CA, 2/19
  • Univ. of Florida, 3/23
  • Palm Beach, Florida, 8/16 to 25
  • Pan-African Conf., Washington, 9/18
  • Global Leadership Summit, 9/25
  • United Nations, 10/12
  • New York Univ, 10/13
  • Columbia Univ, 10/16
  • Univ. of London, 11/8 & 16
  • London (Eagle Award), 11/12
  • Univ. of Paris, 12/15
  • St. Kitts, Caribbean, 12/27 to 31
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A new McGraw-Hill book for grades 6-8 has comprehension questions, teaching suggestions and extension activities on Emeagwali. See table of contents and a sample chapter.

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  1. Ikenga: for Philip Emeagwali
  2. Emeagwali Had An Idea
  3. Cry the Beloved Country
  4. A World Without Black People


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Check out Emeagwali's timeline, short biographies for middle and high school students, inventions, school visits , and the 50 interviews posted on this page contains the answers to your frequently most asked questions.

Here are some photocopies of published articles, photos and scientific awards for your school report on scientists and inventors.


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